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Note: Your connection is secure with SSL. Always use HTTPS version of Bharat Stream
Bharat Stream's Addons will work properly in Train Simulator 2019 64bit edition or upcoming versions. Please don't use previous versions.

How to Download and Install BharatStream Addons

Note: Now Bharat Stream changed its Installing And Un-Installing System.
Now no need to download RWP files from website. Just use "BharatStream.exe" to Manage Addons in your Train Simulator.
"BharatStream.exe" Required above v4.5.2 .NET Framework installed.
To Download "BharatStream.exe" v5.3 Click here
Scroll down to view BharatStream.exe v5.3 Update details or Click Here
Watch the Tutorial video, How to use "BharatStream.exe"

.NET Framework Links

BharatStream.exe v5.3 Update Information (23-09-2020)

New "AppLoginKey" instead of Password.

Now you have to fill 32 characters "AppLoginKey" instead of password. you can get your 32 characters "AppLoginKey" from "Settings", you can also generated new "AppLoginKey" anytime.

New "Offline Mode" of BS application.

If you are not connected to internet then Application start in "Offline Mode", you can launch Train Simulator from there.

New "Remember my credentials" checkbox

If you will check that "checkbox" while login, you will get pre-filled text fields on next BharatStream application launch.

New "start game buttons"

Now you can start the game direct from application. You can launch Train Simulator x32/x64bit game

BharatStream.exe application is not running/not responding

Make sure you are using Latest Window 10 & Your antivirus program if Off/Disabled while using BS Application.

Message Box of "Invalid Railworks Directory"

You haven't placed "BharatStream.exe" in valid Railworks directory. Which folder have RailWorks.exe , RailWorks64.exe & serz.exe that folder is valid Railworks Directory.

Message Box of "Required Permission"

You have to click on "Yes" button to Start the application. BharatStream.exe need some hardware information of your system to make your Account unique.

Message Box of "Long Directory"

Your Railworks folder path is longer than 56 characters, you have to make it shorter than 56 characters to work BharatStream.exe

Example of Long Directory: E:\Train Simulator 2017\Train Simulator Original\steamapps\common\Railworks\ (total 76 characters, must be less than 56 characters)
Example of Short Directory: E:\Train Simulator 2017\steamapps\common\Railworks\ (total 51 characters, now application start without any issue)

Message Box of "Changed configuration file"

If application unable to find the valid "BS_Data" folder then this message appear, This message appear if you have changed your Hard Drive/Moved BharatStream.exe to another Hard Drive. You have to delete "BS_Data" folder to continue.

"BS_Data" folder only holds the records of tmp files and installed addons date & time. Your installed addons will be remain installed even you deleted your "BS_Data" folder

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