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Product Name:17 Tracks, 14 Sign Boards & Wire Post T1-T6 with Generator
Publisher:Bharat Stream Officials
Product Category:Tracks & Wire Post
Product Price:180 Rs/-
Product Version:Final Version.
TS Game Name:IR Track **/ IR Sign **
TS Main Categoy:Liner Object Tools
TS Sub Category:Track (ALL)
Dependency ID:None!
Product Information:17 Tracks
Wooden sleeper
Concrete sleeper
Only Rails
Bridge Track
Rusty Track
Platform Tracks
End Of Track
Mud Track

Track Switch Added
1-5 Tracks Wire Post (3 Types)
Easy to set wire post with Wire Generator (Included)
14 Sign boards added.
Optimized to increase FPS

******** Updates v10.0 FINAL ***********
New Rusty Sleeper & Ballast less track added,
New Platform Track Added Rusty
Rusty Rails
Sleepers only
ballast Only
New 2 Types of Buffers Added
End Of Track & MUD Tracks Added
Modern Painted Sleeper Tracks Added
Texture improved

********** Latest Update **********
You can find new Track Rule & New OHE Pole starting with "BS" name (4.85m)
Starting with "IR" is for 6m Distance Tracks
Added OHE pole for 6 Tracks, Speed limit of Yard tracks reduced to 20kmph

[FINAL VERSION] Note: This is the final version of this product ID, No any update will be come for this Product ID.
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File Size:58.4 MB
Customer reviews :4.4 |      
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Customer reviews (Latest 20 only)
profileAkshaya Simha - 2 months ago
| Awesome. I liked it. Authentic textures.
profileVivek Nigam - 2 months ago
profilegodson ben - 3 months ago
| Need improvement
profileSri charan - 3 months ago
| main track texture need some improvement. Remaining all are well done
profileSai Yenni - 3 months ago
| Need more improvements