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Product Name:LUDHIANA JN - AMBALA CANT - CHANDIGARH 158km Standard Scenario MAP
Uploaded By:Bharat Stream Officials
Product Category:Route
Product Version:v9.00
Addons list required with this Route.
Product Information:Note: This route is under-construction, Contact if now working peoperly
Activities: 5 Standard Scenario
Length: 158 km
Total Stations: 19
Locomotives: WAP-5, WAP-7, WAG-9 & WAG-7
Coaches: LHB AC 2 Tier (Red) & LHB Generator Car

************ Installation ******************
Base Assets File: Click here to download
After download BaseAssets file: Extract RailsimulatorUS and RailSimulator folder to "[Your Railworks Directory]Assets/kuju/"
Then Install Route & Tracks & Wire Post by Application.

Note: Included Locos or coaches are free with this route. No any new update will come for locos & coaches

************ Latest Update **************
Indian Signals Replaced with UK Signals
Required Product ID: Indian Railways Signals (Beta)
Dhandari to Sanehwal 3rd Track connected

Note: No any extra charge will be charged if any update will be available for product id (which you have aready purchased) until [FINAL VERSION]
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File Size:224.96 MB
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profileAbhijatya Bhattacharya - 6 minutes ago
Signal is not showing you told singnals are separate extra add-on
profileSanjay Kumar - 19 hours ago
I've updated Bharat stream application V2. When I open it says "You have changed configuration file, application closing" Please help what needs to be done.
profileBharat Stream Officials - 1 day ago
@Sumit Kumar Nath quick drive is under construction
profileSumit Kumar Nath - 1 day ago
It is not working in quick drive scenario after downloading the ambala-cdg route
profileAbhijatya Bhattacharya - 2 days ago
Thanks for quick reply
profileBharat Stream Officials - 2 days ago
@Abhijatya Bhattacharya Signals are not update of Route, Signals are separate add-on
profileAbhijatya Bhattacharya - 2 days ago
Apne likha tha ki new update ka koi charge nahi Lage ga to an extra assist kyu
profileBharat Stream Officials - 3 days ago
@PRIYAM DUTTA Yes, exclude Houses and Trees
profilePRIYAM DUTTA - 3 days ago
All the asstes platforms footoverbridge-plantfrom cancopy etc is it include in it?
profileAtharva Ambardekar - 2 weeks ago
What does the base asset consist of?
profileNachiket Sardesai - 2 weeks ago
Thanks for your quick support!!! Tried one scenario and is working great.
profileNachiket Sardesai - 2 weeks ago
For Addon CHD-UMB-LDH and UMB-CDH I am getting "Consist Builder - Can't load rail vehicle - Kbs Container Flat" 7 errors For other three addons I am getting "Consist Builder - Can't load rail vehicle - FSA Container Flat" 7 errors Please guide
profileNachiket Sardesai - 2 weeks ago
New to this, just installed this route. For every scenario under standard, I am getting consist build error. Bharat Stream can you please guide?
If i bought this route, how many scenario will be available to play with out any additional add ons?
profileBharat Stream Officials - 1 month ago
@HARI PRASAD contact me on Google Pay number via Whatsapp
profileHARI PRASAD - 1 month ago
Bro yesterday I purchased ldh ambala cant route in your website but it opens only in free roam and standard road it is not available in quick drive what should I do bro please tell me
profilesamir belim - 1 month ago
IR platform not show to make a new platform
profilesunil mali - 1 month ago
I just purchased and downloaded this addon. But Everytime when I start the scenario it showing failed go load. Please help me on this @Bharat steam
profileSai Teja - 1 month ago
@Bharat Stream Officials Can you add more routes?
profileAnkit Kumar - 1 month ago
please make it free